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Singer(s): GUMI, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, and bloom Character(s): Serizawa Haruki, Aida Miou, Setoguchi Yuu, Enomoto Natsuki, Mochizuki Souta, Hayasaka Akari, Setoguchi Hina, Ayase Koyuki, Akechi Saku, Enomoto Koutarou, Narumi Sena, Hamanaka Midori, Takamizawa Arisa, Shibasaki Ken, Yamamoto Koudai , Suzumi Hiyori, Yuujirou, Aizou The story is rattling shoujo inspired, and centers about the love lives of a group of friends in overflowing school and how they handle their biological process belief as time passes. The first section of the story is centered on the six bod group of Yuu, Natsuki, Haruki, Miou, Souta, and Akari. Yuu and Natsuki get in concert first and remain so for the repose of the series, Souta and Akari can't on the boundary that Akari isn't quite bound what love on the dot is, and Haruki and Miou are both in sexual desire with each other, but cannot and do not allow it to apiece other for their entire higher school career. advanced songs give proper introductions to new likely couples and their kinship woes, who variety a collateral group-- Koyuki, a ally of Souta's who changes his attending in the hopes of winning over Natsuki; Yuu and Natsuki's siblings Hina and Koutarou, who are in a one-sided love triangle because of Hina's affection for Koyuki and Koutarou's compression on Hina; Sena and Midori, a teen form and another enrollee who want to get together but can't conceptualization each other the way they poverty to; and Ken and Arisa, a corinthian and friend of Koutarou and the outspoken young woman who didn't initially season for his charms.

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Teenage Stories (Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond)

In this squad of our website you can have stories about past parent's experiences of teenage pregnancy. Pregnancy and birth stories are a great way to acquire close to situations similar or different to your own. We'd object you to displace us your own story to allotment with others.

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Students tell all on anonymous Facebook ‘confession’ pages – The Mercury News

An illustration picture shows the log-on screen for the website Facebook, in urban centre feb 2, 2012. Facebook disclosed plans for the largest of all time Internet IPO that could rise as much as $10 billion, but made it comprehensible CEO marker Zuckerberg volition exercise just about absolute control over the company, leaving investors with little say. REUTERS/Michael Dalder (GERMANY ā€“ Tags: commercial enterprise SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY) ā€œIā€™m a person laundry area thief,ā€ says one Facebook confession.

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