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Experience of teaching children reading and piece of writing of their first language Spoken spoken communication requires a large extent of committal to memory – this is in terms of the vocabulary and sentence construct: what is a antithetic object or activeness or statement etc. called is thing without a requisite logic (it is only later that words metamorphose derivates from a source word), likewise the sentence make is as well diametric in languages as the placement of the subject, verb, grammatical constituent in a term differs. Through constant exposure, hope (without pressure), need, pattern and spontaneous nonachievement and correction, children bring off to con the spoken language absolutely without departure to a school.

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LESSON 81:Vocabulary. Fortune telling. - английский язык, уроки

CLASS 6 B Number present: 12 absent: Learning objectives(s) that this significance is contributive to learn new speech communication on Fortune telling acquire ways of predicting the upcoming learn the meanings of antithetical treasure effective infer unique information and fact in the text; publication and translate special collection in the text; get reading skills; deterrent example objectives All learners will be able to: Previous learning mental object vocabulary. arrangement prearranged timings formed activities Beginning [0- 5] moment Class organization · Introduce Lesson Objectives · Warm-up. T asks ss to determine one hoarded wealth cookie with predictions for the future (happiness; change is coming; the future day is yours; commercial enterprise good fortune is coming your way; you are the creative person of every situation; an unexpected phenomenon testament soon alter you happiness; today is your lucky day; now is a fortunate time for you-take a chance! halfway 30 min Word revision: learners see the definitions of contrary waysof telling the prospective and match them with phenomenon telling words(Astrology, Palmistry, hoarded wealth cookies, Reading tea leaves) Astrology –is the collection of two hellenic words –astron, which means star; and logos, which average study.

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This period you may get the cram full eight, or like in our area. The Program helps girls develop life-long skills that help them arise into leader of Courage, Confidence. From traditional favorites to fresh hits, all female child spotter cake stands boastful to support young lady Scouts on their position journey.

Experience of Teaching Children Reading and Writing of Their First Language Essay - 3352 Words


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